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About the Australian Cobberdog

As every breed of dog in the World came from a mixture of different breeds, so does the Australian Cobberdog, BUT this breed is very different in that only those individual dogs that have been fully genetically health tested are used for Breeding

Unlike every other breed of dog in the World, every breed that has been used to create the Australian Cobberdog can be fully traced through their pedigree, therefore knowing what ‘went into’ the Australian Cobberdog to make them the individual breed that they are today

The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in development which means that the dedicated breeders are working towards predicitbility. Every Australian Cobberdog is registered with the MDBA-Master Dog Breeders and Associates-which hold the Global Registry for the Australian Cobberdog

Therefore if you are buying what you think is an Australian Cobberdog but you cannot be provided with an MDBA pedigree then you are not buying an Australian Cobberdog

The Australian Cobberdog is:

The Australian Cobberdog is not:

excellent as an Assistance and Therapy dog
gentle and very focused on their humans
low shedding with little to no coat odour
intuitive to the needs of their humans
give their humans eye contact
genetically healthy
very trainable
non barkers

a labradoodle
a designer dog
a crossed bred mutt

What Size is the Australian Cobberdog?

    • Standard sized Cobberdog: 22″ – 24″


    • Medium sized Cobberdog: 17″ – 20″


  • Miniature Cobberdog: 14″-16″

The Australian Cobberdog Coat

At this stage in the development of the Australian Cobberdog they have from a curly wool coat to a wavy fleece coat

All types can be within the same litter and each have their own benefits

All coats seem to repel dirt and rarely have a doggy odour. After a funtime mud bath on a rainy day, once the coat dries naturally, the mud falls off and is gone

With continued DNA Testing by dedicated Breeders eventually the Australian Cobberdog will have a predictability of low to non-shedding, easy to care for coat

All non-shedding dogs need to be clipped twice per year and require a regular brush and comb

Coat Colours

An Australian Cobberdog can be Brown, Cafe, Blonde, White, Red, Black, Gold, Particolour

Grooming Tips

First: Get a good grip on the dog….

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